VOLTME Revo 65W Evo Charger, the thinnest, small and light
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VOLTME Revo 65W Evo Charger, the thinnest, small and light

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VOLTME and Power Integrations partner to deliver thinnest, lightest 65W GaN fast charger

LOS ANGELES – MAY 13, 2022 - VOLTME, the GaN power charger division within Voltnex Innovations entity, today announces the thinnest, latest GaN 65W fast charger on the market, the VOLTME Revo 65 EVO USB-C GaN Wall Charger. This Evolved 'Ultrathin' version of VOLTME's ground-breaking 'EVO' charger has an extraordinary thin and light body when compared to conventional charger. More Portable, Pocket Friendly and Fun.

This charger case has a matte-black, anti-scratch pattern slightly smaller than a credit card. It have an ultra-large output power of 65W. And supports QC4, PPS-fast charging and USB PD fast charging standard. With the foldable pin design, the pins can be stored in the shell.

GaN is a next-generation semiconductor technology that runs up to 20x faster than legacy silicon and enables up to 3x more power, 40% energy savings and 3x faster charging in half the size and weight.  

The small-compact-powerful Revo EVO charger uses INN3870C-H801(InnoSwitch3-PD) + MIN1072M (MinE-CAP Family) ICs in a High Efficiency QR flyback architecture with integrated USB Type-C and USB-PD Controller. The breakthrough low-profile form-factor is achieved using a high-frequency planar transformer. At only 89.5 x 44.6 x 14.8 mm and a featherweight 90g. Powered By PI PowiGaN Technology the power density compared to the 65W original chargers, is almost 95% increase and 62.5% thickness reduction.



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