VOLTME VITO Series 30W Surge Protectors & Power Strips
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VOLTME VITO Series 30W Surge Protectors & Power Strips

Views: 356     Author: VOLTME Team     Publish Time: 2022-04-18      Origin: PR

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LOS ANGELES - April 18, 2022 - VOLTME, the GaN power charger division within Voltnex Innovations entity, today announces the new line of Surge Protector and Power Strips  - the VITO series, which is designed with a 30W USB Type-C (or USB-C) charging port, it is also equipped with 3 AC sockets and one USB-A port to provide different charging methods. 

Perfect for : Offices, workshop and other spaces with multiple AC-powered devices. Designed to fit into a variety of workspace layouts, these products will help you organize your office to best accommodate your workflow, and will protect equipment against power overloads. 


The USB-C port supports the power delivery charging protocol and is compatible with USB-C powered devices. On the VITO 30, it is able to detect the device and supply power with the fastest possible charging speed. By the side of it, there is a USB-A port able to supply a power of 5V 2.4A, which is well-suited for eletronics charging, like cell phones, power banks and tablets. 

The VITO 30 has three US sockets in total, 3 of which are traditional sockets for normal style plugs are widely spaced. All sockets are surge-protected and rated at 800 joules to protect charging devices against voltage fluctuations, surges and spikes. 

The VITO 30 is paired with a 6-feet heavy-duty extension cord, and two keyhole mounting slots are designed on its back for convenient use. To ensure its high safety and quality, its housing and the cord are made from fire-prevention materials; furthermore, it is ETL and FCC listed.

Available May 2022 

MSRP $39.99


The VOLTME brand is a market leader in accessories delivering mobile power solutions for broad range of consumer electronics and enterprise environments. We collabroate, research and innovate to deliver smart charging solutions, tailor-made for every customer. VOLTME products are sold in more than 50 countries around the world, we are working towards a sustainable world where a seamless charging experience is the standard for everybody, and this transforms the way we power our everyday.

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