VOLTME appoints Al-Arqoob for UAE
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VOLTME appoints Al-Arqoob for UAE

Views: 685     Author: VOLTME Team     Publish Time: 2022-06-28      Origin: PR

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VOLTME appoints Al-Arqoob for UAE

Al-Arqoob will distribute all VOLTME products in UAE


Logo Description automatically generated with low confidenceAccessories and Charging Solutions vendor VOLTME, has appointed Al-Arqoob as its exclusive sole distribution partner for VOLTME's product lines in UAE. Al-Arqoob is a leading distributor with a strong presence in the GCC region and is now VOLTME’s authorized sole distributor in UAE. 

Under this new partnership, Al-Arqoob will be servicing both the retail and SMB sectors across the UAE market.


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"We are looking forward to working closely with Al-Arqoob to further support our active regional expansion, "said Tommy Tse, Chief Operating Officer, Voltnex Innovations. "The key components to partnering with Al-Arqoob were based on their solid experience and successful history in UAE, good channel presence and relationships in both the retail and SMB sector, well determined and effective logistics solutions as well as a team that understands the UAE market very well.”

The partnership is designed to further strengthen VOLTME's presence within the UAE market through Al-Arqoob's distribution of VOLTME's full range of products.

Al-Arqoob will be responsible for covering all business segmentation including e-commerce, retail, SMB channel and other sectors where VOLTME's products are relevant. Al-Arqoob is a distributor for Baseus, Brave & Nitecore.

About Al-Arqoob

Al-Arqoob is one of the leading IT accessories and mobile gadgets distributors in Dubai. We provide business-to-business services that help our customers and business partners grow and enhance their customer-engagement strategies for mutual business success. With a focus on pure value-added distribution, we commit ourselves to offer a wide range of products and channel enablement backed with knowledge support, competitive pricing & superior services.


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