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  • B2002


  • V-Dynamic / MagSafe / 7.5W Wireless Qi Compatible

  • 1x USB-C 

  • 105 * 66.8 *13.5mm

  • 134g

  • 18 Months


VOLTME MagPak 5K - Wireless Charge Your iPhone 14/13/12 Series


5 Colors: Charcoal, Matte Blue, Forest Green, Violet and Dove Grey

Kickstand Modes : Horizontal and Vertical

9N Magnetic Alignment Force


The 9N magnetic battery is equipped with super-strong magnets that snap firmly in place, so it does not drop easily.

Just attach MagPak 5K Magnetic Wireless Charger to the back of your iPhone for efficient wireless charging.

Advanced Safety Features


VOLTME MagPak 5K uses Graphene material for better heat dissipation. Graphene is one of the strongest materials in the known universe. It’s unique properties includes its flexibility, transparency, high conductivity, and impermeable to most gases and liquids.

VOLTME MagPak 5K uses NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) Sensor to measure and auto-adjust temperature. Our full spectrum NTC sensors offer many advantages in temperature sensing including miniature size, excellent long-term stability, high accuracy and precision.

VOLTME MagPak 5K magnetic battery is integrated with Short-circuit Protection to keep connected devices safe.


The wireless charger has a built-in kickstand that can keep your iPhone 13/12 upright for easy viewing while charging. When you're on the go, fold the kickstand and snap it on the back of your phone for a convenient charge.

What makes VOLTME MagPak 5K unique?

  • We use American Amprius 100% Silicon Anode Li-Ion Battery.

  • 2 Kickstand Modes: Horizontal and Vertical.

  • Needless to press the button to activate the charging for your phone. Just Plug & Play , Snap & Charge.

  • The portable charger CAN be manually turned off while other brands cannot. Long-press the power button to turn off the wireless charging.

  • Support charging two devices at once (Wireless and Wired). The device that's connected to a cable will be given priority over the device that's being charged wireless.

  • You can charge your MagPak 5K while charging your phone with MagPak 5K (wireless mode).

  • Double-press the power button to enter Low-current charging for bluetooth headset, watch or smart band, etc.

  • Support AirPod charging (align on the wireless charging coil. Double-press the power button to activate the low-current charging).

  • What You Get: Our worry-free 18-month warranty, welcome guide and Voltcare customer service. 


  • Address (HQ)
    RM3101, Tower 6,  Tianan Cloud Park Phase II, Bantian Street, Longgang District, SZ 
  • Phone
    9:00AM - 5:30PM (PT)
    +1 888-641-8838 (US)
    9:00AM - 17:30 (Beijing)
    +86 755-28510014 (CN)
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