VOLTME Hako 600 Power Station
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VOLTME Hako 600 Power Station

【Unique and Convenient Design】World's 1 Foldable Smart IO Panel Power Station by VOLTME! Smart dust-proof design electric power lock system, it effectively keeps dust and dirt out for a longer lifetime. Experience added convenience with the concealed smart touch lamp - the LED light supports standalone use without turning on the power, making it your ultimate portable power source for all your outdoor and indoor needs.

【Safe and Reliable】The Battery Management System (BMS) effectively avoids safety hazards such as over-current, over-charge, over-temperature, and over-voltage protection to ensure complete protection for you and your devices. In addition, VOLTME power station launches the patented "Voltnado Cooling" Technology enhances the heat dissipation performance by up to 33% more than others, making it the best choice for your power needs.

【Power for All Your Devices】 Equipped with 2 AC outputs, 2 USB-A 18W QC outputs, 2 USB-C PD 60W/100W outputs, 1 car power outlet, and 2 DC outputs, this portable generator can power up to 9 devices simultaneously, such as CAPA, Drones, Macbook, Cameras, Smartphones, and more. Whether you're on a camping trip or need an emergency power source at home, the VOLTME power station is the perfect choice for you.

【Easy and Versatile Recharging】Charge the power station in different ways - using a wall outlet, car outlet, or the VOLTME solar panel (not included) for green power supply and efficient recharging. And the battery level indicator LED lets you monitor the charging status with ease. So the portable generator is an ideal portable power kit for outdoor camping, road trips, and backup power sources.

【What You Get】The VOLTME Power Station comes with 1 Hako 600 Portable Power Station, 1*150W GaN AC charger, 1*accessory pouch, 1*dust cover bag, 1*car charger cable, 1*user manual, and 1*solar charger cable. If you encounter any issues or have questions, our professional customer service team is always here to help you with high-quality solutions.
  • H2001


  • 6974955901252

  • V-Dynamic / Power Delivery / Quick Charge

  • 1x USB-A  1x USB-C 

  • 6.8"L x 10.7"W x 11.5"H

  • Yes

  • 18 Months

  • Address (HQ)
    RM3101, Tower 6,  Tianan Cloud Park Phase II, Bantian Street, Longgang District, SZ 
  • Phone
    9:00AM - 5:30PM (PT)
    +1 888-641-8838 (US)
    9:00AM - 17:30 (Beijing)
    +86 755-28510014 (CN)
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